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Name: Caitlin Gallagher (formerly McKay)
Title: Demigoddess of Renewal
Age: 24
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 104
Pantheon: Tuatha Dé Danann
Parent: Nuada
Band: Noblesse Oblige
Relationship:Married to Daniel Gallagher
Strength:●●○○○, Epic: ○○○○
Dexterity: ●●●●●, Epic: ●●●○
(Trick Shooter, Shot to the Heart, Perfect Partner)
Stamina ●●●○○○, Epic ●●○
(Self-Heal, Regeneration)
Charisma: ●●●●●, Epic ●●●●
(Charmer, Engender Love, Pied Piper, Divine Figurehead)
Manipulation ●●●●●, Epic ●●○○
(Takes One To Know One, Knowing Glance, Secondhand Persuasion)
Appearance ●●●○○, Epic ○○○○
Perception ●●●●●, Epic ●●●
(Scent the Divine, Eagle Eyes, Diamond Cutter)
Intelligence ●●●●○, Epic ●●○○
(Fast Learner, Star Pupil, Language Mastery)
Wits ●●●○○, Epic ○○○○
(Opening Gambit)
Notable Traits:
Art (Drawing) ●●●○○, Art (Journalism) ●●●○○, Athletics ●●●○○, Awareness ●●●○○, Command ●●●●○, Integrity ●●●●○, Investigation ●●●●●, Larceny ●●●○○, Marksmanship ●●●●○, Medicine ●●●●●, Presence ●●●●○, Survival ●●●○○
Purviews: Enech: ●●○○, Fertility: ●●●○, Guardian: ●●●○, Health: ●●●○, Justice: ●●●○, Psychopomp:●●●○
Native: English
Learned: Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, Breton Gaelic, German, Spanish, French, Greek


Skye Boat Song - Bear McCreary
Sing me a song of a lass that is gone,
Say, could that lass be I?
Merry of soul she sailed on a day
Over the sea to Skye.
Billow and breeze, islands and seas,
Mountains of rain and sun
All that was good, all that was fair,
All that was me is gone.

Pompeii - Bastille

In the city that we love
Great clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above
But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You've been here before?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

Caitlin stands at 5'2", making her a petite woman no matter how she might try to slice it. While she couldn't be called beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, Cait was girl-next-door pretty. Her hair varied from a deep red to a blondish-red depending on the time of year and how much sun she had gotten recently. Her eyes are a sparking blue the color of a clear sky and are often as warm and inviting as her smile. Her skin was a rosy cream color that easily showed every hint of embarrassment she feels. Cait prefers comfortable dresses to just about anything else, but can also be found dressed in jeans and sweaters or t-shirts paired with soft brown boots. Her long hair is often pulled or pinned back off her face so it doesn't get in the way of writing or sketching. Cait is an infectiously warm and sunny personality who enjoys spending time with others and sharing the work load. She's quick to point out that though her father has worn a crown, Cait herself wants just to bring some levity to the seriousness of her immediate family. There's a heady pervading scent around Cait of apple blossoms, but has been known to change whenever her mood shifts, less apple blossoms and more heather. Woven through her hair, less on purpose these days and more a natural growth, is a crown of green wood with a light bouquet of apple blossoms. Her skin is a little less pale these days and more tan - but on closer inspection it's less 'tan' and more 'bark' looking, with greener sections wrapping around her forearms and wrists.


Girl Reporter!
Cait has spent her formative years puzzling out stories and mysteries to tell the news to the world - or at least as much of the world as she can get the word too. It was no surprise when she went to Uni that she became a journalist, or that she graduated top of her class.
Cait might not be the prettiest, but she has a way with words and getting people to open up.


Defeater of Formorians
Caitlin learned of a group of robbers in the woods outside of her uni, St. Andrews, and went to check it out. There she found a group of Formorians, and after some research into who and what they were, she returned with a stolen bow and arrows to take them down. She survived only just barely, and even then was trapped beneath one of their bodies - and that was how her father came to visit her.
Restorer of Dragons
After showing her tenacity and care for the younger dragons, Melody gifted Caitlin with Dorcha and Deigh, two dragons.
Caitlin survived the events of the Jotunhammer and has been assisting in the restoration of Elysium Can Wait and Scotland.


Caitlin3.png Caitlin4.png Caitlin5.png Caitlin6.png Caitlin7.png Caitlin8.png
Caitlin9.png Caitlin10.png Caitlin11.png Caitlin12.png CaitlinBrand.png Caitlin's Vigil Brand
Bow.png Mabinogion Long Bow
(+1 Accuracy, -2 to Speed)
Quiver.png Endless Quiver
Unlimited Arrows, Add Legend to Dex + Marksmanship
Bluetooth.png Communicator
Allows Cait to speak with Challenger
Cross.png Triune Power
(Access to Guardian, Justice, Psychopomp)
Goggles.png Irish Eyes
Add Legend to Perception
Black Earring.png Black Dragon Earring
Linked to Dorcha and Regenerates Dorcha
Silver Ring.png Silver Dragon Ring
Linked to Deigh and Regenerates
Peacemaker.png Cait's Peacemaker
A Gift from Mum
Engagement.png Cait's engagement ring
A gift from Daniel
DiamondBracelet.png Cait's diamond bracelet
A gift from Daniel
HopeNecklace.png Cait's Hope Diamond
A gift from Daniel
Challenger.png Challenger
Cait's closest friend and confidante.
Dorcha.png Dorcha
A Gift from Melody
Deigh.png Deigh
A Gift from Melody

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Atzlanti.png"I really need to work with Cait on an art project. She has an inspiring gift for words, it's obvious to see her passion and curiosity for the divine world around us. I'll admit that sometimes, i have trouble understanding her irish accent though..." - Eduardo Gillard
Tuatha.png"My darling 'little' sister. I do not know her as well as I like, but I already know we are going to get along well. Even if the wee lass is a Scot." - Nolan Connoly
CelestialB.png"Second of my new friends, but only Second by virtue of time! A-AH! Such a nice woman, and is willing to assist with my movie idea! This shall be glorious, Epic and AWESOME! And SHE is glorious, epic and AWESOME! May our friendship last a thousand lifetimes and beyond!" -Wei Menglong
Tuatha.png"Tuatha are romantic bards, through and through, and while not necessarily a singer by any stretch? Caitlin is a Bard, rather than singing joy and uplifting peoples spirits through song? She cuts through to the quick and hunts the truth with reckless abandon. Romance has proven to be her bread and butter, A whirl wind marriage, after swift courtship. She epitomizes the softer side of our family. This isn't to say she shys away from her duties with the Spawn, she just seeks them out with less exuberance than myself or Corbin. That's not necessarily a bad thing." - Donovan
Tuatha.png"You know what cracks me up about Caitlin? She's always saying she's not pretty. Uh, hello, you married a GOD. Like, the second time you saw him. Not kind of, you married a GOD. God's don't rate girls who register on the low end of the average scale, they are GODs. Okay sorry, got side tracked there. Where was I? Oh yeah, Caitlin. All bullshit aside she's a class act, and pretty clever. I can't WAIT to see what she winds up being like as a demigoddess." - Alex MacRae
Aesir.png"Cait is our master storyteller. She's the down-to-earth one out of us. Being around her inspires me to take greater care, greater notice, of the things we do. It's easy to forget sometimes that what we do is incredible, but she brings out the wonder in what we do." -Emma Hoffman
Yazata.png"So we didn't exactly start off on the right foot, the brogues a little rough on the ears, but she does take an apology well, also I did find out one of her dragons has a frost breath weapon...i bet it recharges every 1d4+1 rounds. Shes a real stand up act." -Rahil Al-Zarqa