Arianna Vang

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Name: Arianna Evelyn Vang
Nickname: Art
Age: 7
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Norse/Hispanic
Height: Little
Gender: Female
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Vidar
Note Worthy Traits: Appearance 4 Epic 2

Arianna Vang

Daughter of Vidar
Adopted By Dustin Vang

Few Known Facts

Currently looking for her family who went missing. Dustin and Amara Vang.

Usually seen chasing dwarves around with her sword or drawing on every surface of the Archives that is not paper. She was adopted by Dustin Vang; along with widely being known as the daughter of Esme and Vidar.

Art tends to be as stubborn as they come but she is child at the end of the day.
What do you expect? She is a kid.

Art was made a promise by her Goddess mother that, unlike Esme, she would not have a life left with confusion and parents bouncing from one partner to another. Along with not having to live with only one parent like so many Scions have before her. It would be a real family and the best she could find her. Recently that promise was threatened and Art immediately went on the defensive and vengeance bloomed in her heart. It was not a surprise seeing as that her Godly father is the God of Vengeance of the Aesir, and her biological mother is a Loa with vengeance being something that the Loa hold dear. Because of this threat her ichor was awakened and she became an Aesir.

Anyone who she feels is a threat to her family, and the life she leads, tends to become her divine rival and she will make their lives as miserable as possible for even thinking of trying to pursue something with either of her chosen parents.

Divine Rivals: Any Azlanti and May

Favorite IC Moments

Jessie Anderson: Oh yes! How can you not enjoy life as a greek? Grapes! Wine! Beautiful girls! Gyros!

Connie Taylor: Can you guess those three little words that are normally abbreivated, Jessie?
Art: *she cuts in* You wanna screw? *innocent face*


  • "Put something here" -Name Here
  • "I'm not trying to break up your family, kid. Trust me." - Liam Mehzar
  • "Little child, be not afraid. The storm clouds mask your beloved moon. And its candlelight beams still keep pleasant dreams. I am here tonight. Little child, be not afraid. The wind makes creatures of our trees. And the branches to hands. They're not real, understand. I am here tonight." - Sara Harrison
  • "You are my Wolf Slayer, and our pack is strong." - Dustin Vang
  • "Part of me cannot wait for the time when she will be shedding the enemies blood. Something tells me she will be amongst the best of us." - Steve Lyons
  • "Three words, kid. Lots of therapy." - Liam Mehzar
  • "The wonderful thing about Art - aside from being bouncy and made of rubber - is that she's my link to family in this crazy place. The world can go pear-shaped, and yet when I see Art, all I care about is making her smile." - Emme Beauchene
  • "She's absolutely adorable and so funny! I just wish she'd learn not to run with that sharp sword of hers. Even for a Scion child that's dangerous!" - Miki Ishinaka
  • "This little girl has so much heart, in the world as it is, she is our future. I love her dearly as though she were my own child and if something bad were to happen to her, the best the person who hurts her could hope for is that the Titans end this world before I find them" - Titus Leon
  • "I do not think I will ever grow used to being called Uncle." - Marco Deste
  • "She is my little warrior princess, I made her a promise that I would not leave her and her brother alone in this world and I would break free from chains forged by Hephaestus and throw wide the gates of Tartarus to ensure that I keep that promise. - Titus Leon
  • "My daughter, even if you do not come from my body, even if the mortal world does not know it, none will doubt or question that I am your mama. I will never stand in Esme's place, nor will I ever seek to replace Amara, but I am your mama from the moment you accepted me. Thank you for allowing me into your family and accepting the relationship Titus and I share. You are going to be an amazing woman and a powerful demi-goddess, but don't take the whole world onto those slender shoulders of yours just yet. Remember to play and have fun too, never lose the joy in life, it helps us remember why we fight so hard. Precious daughter, you will be magnificent." - Miu Peterson
  • "Anyone hurts kiddo and they're gonna have to deal with a literal Army of Pissed off Demigods. And I'd be right behind Ty And Miu in the front." Emi Jojima
  • "Who decided that putting a seven-year-old in a position of authority over adults was a good idea? Because both they and she need a spanking." Aden Havard