Allison Desmond

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Name: Allison Desmond
Age: 25
Eyes:  ??
Hair:  ??
Height:  ??
Weight:  ??
Pantheon: Tuatha De Dannan
Parent: Brigid
Profession: Book Author
Noteworthy Info:  ??
Soundtrack: Leap the Precise

An Old Story from Grandma (Piano Version)

I May Fall

Allison Desmond

"Daughter of Brigid "


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General Information

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Story Hooks

  • Put story hooks that will help people engage themselves with you character
  • Always willing to teach
  • Looking for new material for a book
  • Has published a book titled the Lyrean Saga
  • Is New to the Scion biz.

Legendary Deeds

  • Stabbed a Deev Dead in her first battle! YAY!
  • Gave Xi-Wang Gang a pep talk after his episode with Jing.
  • Helped defend a group of survivors from a couple centaurs.
  • Made fires for said survivors to clean their water
  • Participated in the tourney to decide who gets to Crown Arthur. Yielded to Clair
  • Fought Alongside Rahil, Corbin, Lillian, Lisbet and Amit to defeat Fafnir and his minions. Carved a small indicator in the cave with the words "Here Fafnir Fell to the blades of Rahil Al-Zarqa and Corbin O'Leary, Allison Desmond, Liliane Rommel and Amit Johar. May their deed be remembered until the End of Time."
  • Defused a Nuke with quick instructions for Sam Mayor
  • Helped Defeat Victor Cazador alongside Emma and Alex.


Quotes From Others

  • "So you put some funny quote here." - PC Name Here
  • "Allison is a very sweet woman and I look forward to getting to know her better and working closely with her in the future. Oh! I also want to read her book! It sounds interesting!" Amala Marri
  • "Allie Cat, where do I start with her? She is a beautiful dreamer, she has a way with words, her gentle smile. The worlds ended and for the first time I'm glad I'm not walking into this alone." Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • "Allison, I give you props, it seems you have managed to tame the beast." - Chloe Carter
  • "I know we do not talk as much as we should, But Allie I am glad I have had the talks I have had with you." - Chloe Carter
  • "She's my friend, my best friend. It may be an odd friendship as I barely say anything personal half the time. But I would die for her, I will stand by her whenever she needs me and if I ask she will always have my back." = Kamala Halloran
  • "Allie is good folks. She's there. She tries. She's a stalwart ally. She's not negative and she's not standing around like we can't win, she's with us, and she does everything she can to help. That makes her a good person in my eyes, and don't you dare let me hear you talking bad about her..." - Alex MacRae
  • "She actually got me dragged out on a date! Who would have thought such a thing were possible. I even enjoyed it. If that is not enough to speak in her favor, I do not know what is." - Marco Deste
  • "Ahhh Allie, I adore you to pieces. You're always supportive and there when needed most. A shoulder to lean on, always there with just the right thing to say. You're quiet but I think you've got a lot going on up in that brain of yours, all sorts of thoughts and considerations percolating around in the noggin. Whatever you're thinking, keep it up, cause you're definitely doing something right. You just stay safe or else I'll have make some nightly visits to whoever hurts you to make sure they fully understand how unwise such a course of action was. Love you!" - Miu Peterson