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Name: Alex "The Mouth" MacRae
Demigod of: Craftsmanship and Skill
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 24
Father: Lugh
Scion of: Skaft
Pantheon: Atlantean
Player: Prometheus
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn - occasionally shaved
Height: 5'11"
weight: 220 lbs of very solid muscle
Noteworthy Info:
STR: ••••/Epic•••
DEX: •••••/Epic••••
STA: ••••••/Epic•••••
CHA: ••••/Epic••
MAN: •••/Epic•
APP: ••••/Epic••
PER: ••••/Epic•••
INT: ••••••/Epic•••••
WIT: ••••/Epic•••


[1] - Three Days Grace - Home

[2] - Hannah Miller - Promised Land

Alex MacRae

"Son of Lugh - Scion of Skaft"

Scion This Character is a Scion.
Atlantean This is an Atlantean character.
Demigod This is a Demigod character.
Logo This character is played by Prometheus.


Alex's story only comes out in bits and pieces, but what is openly known is that he got a very raw deal from the legal system and spent two years in a labor camp and then a detention center before being ejected at 18, his mother is dead of cancer, his step father was highly abusive, he has a hard time dealing with children, and he has never met his father face to face. He had an obviously crooked face when he first came to Terra Incognita and will explain that at 16 during the incident that got him thrown into juvi he was brutally beaten and he suffered something called a "La Forte" fracture that left his entire skull deformed. Since getting to know people and starting to become more confident among the other scions he has gotten that deformity repaired, and he is less uncertain of himself. Despite all that and some obvious issues of not being sure who he is or what he wants, he still has a devil-may-care attitude and (occasionally self-effacing) sense of humor.


For a long time Alex seemed to own one outfit: almost always in a pair of very worn, very faded Riggs carpenter jeans, an old black t-shirt, and heavy steel toe work boots with the soles worn almost slick and sometimes a dickies work shirt with his name on one pocket. He often shows signs of labor, be it dirty finger nails, dusty or greasy clothing, or just plain old smelling and looking like he spent the day doing some manner of labor. (In fact he owns several changes of clothing but until very recently it was all identical - since moving to Terra Incognita and meeting Peach Blossom he has slowly started to pay more attention to his appearance and wardrobe though. Funny how a girl can do that.) He has a black leather jacket he's rarely without, an asymmetrical riding jacket with celtic knot work on the back of one shoulder.

However since he met, was courted by, and married Peach Blossom, she had purchased him clothing of a quality and cost that he would NEVER have purchased for himself. As a result he sometimes - when he's not been hard at work - is in nicer clothing; diesel or BKE or Rock N. Revival jeans, 7 Diamond or American Eagle or even Armani exchange t-shirts, but the old leather jacket remains a constant.

As of early 2015 Alex has been elevated to the status of Demigod, and specifically as the Demigod of Craftsmanship and Skill, a title he achieved by out-performing his own father at the forges one evening (without knowing when he started that he was working against his father it should be noted).

In the later half of 2015 the fall of the Jotunhammer and ermergence of Jormangundr causing Ragnarok saw Alex on the front lines often, and the struggle took a heavy toll on him. The scions succeeded with a great deal of effort in reversing time though, and avoided Ragnarok, but the price for Alex was very high: he literally had to give up Peach Blossom to the Fates in order for this to happen, and it has left him a very hurt individual.

Legendary Deeds

Alex has:

  • Leapt in to help the Aes Sidhe retake their home from the Dark Dwarves in Cornwall.
  • Assisted with liberating victims from the Leopard in Ghana and fought in the battle to kill the Dwarf witch Mmoatia, and her minions Onini and Mmeboro.
  • Assisted in the clean up of New Orleans with a number of others at the behest of the Loa, including battling the hydra and the forays into Belle Monde to help defeat the Titanspawn therein and liberate the enslaved villagers, and the final confrontation with a certain specter...
  • Assisted in the preparations for the coming of the darkness titans and giants, including at least two forays into the future, including the trip that returned the children for a day.
  • Assisted in the search for Mordred and the quest to re-gather Arthur and his band (Lancelot, Gwenhyfar, Morgaine, and Merlin...), the return of camelot, and the fight with the brass bull.
  • Alex was present and fought in the stand off with Mab that resulted in her death and the unfortunate demise of several pixies which further empowered Mordred in his campaign against Arthur.
  • Assisted in the hunt for the Blue Deev and the rescue of the girls the Deev's had kidnapped.
  • Fought against the... Chupacabra?!?
  • Alex has forged weapons in the form of both weapons, long bows, armor, and even art for scions and pixies alike, as well as made more than one custom vehicle for a scion or demi-god's personal use.
  • Alex assisted with finging the Flowers of Gaia, and then moved on to larger problems with his ascension to demi-god.
  • Alex was present for the final battle against Mordred.
  • Alex forged items for Salawa in order that the scions could gain the favor of Nepthys - which aided the scions in acquiring the tear of a goddess.
  • Alex aided in the Gorgon rescue / investigation by members of the Dodekatheon.
  • Alex along with numerous other scions fought the Lindwurm responsible for the destruction of Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • During Ragnarok, after the Jotunhammer was used and as things were degenerating and the scions were increasingly unable to thwart the end of the world, Alex made a suggestion at one point that they needed to find the Scythe of Chronos and restore it (after, that is, the first fragment had already been discovered) and use it to go back and retrieve the Jotunhammer prior to it being used to instigate Ragnarok. This ultimately proved to be the means by which the scions managed to undo the damage caused by Ragnarok and roll back the deaths of billions of people. However, in the process of retrieving the second piece of the scythe Alex heard someone telling him that there was a price to pay. Everyone involved in the effort had heard something from whoever was speaking to Alex, but Alex found that in his case the price was Peach Blossom's life. Andrew survived, and now Alex has the infant with no mother in a world that has avoided the doom of Ragnarok and is still trying to figure out the implications for himself and his son. Peach Blossom, it appears, never even existed. To make matters worse, his entire band seems to have vanished or been destroyed somehow during Ragnarok and the ensuing changes, leaving him very much isolated. He and Kamala Haloran have born a great deal of the burden of using the scythe.
  • Alex was there to help think and pass information around and to stand at the final breaking of the Scythe of Chronos and healed Ariel after she had been wounded in the process of sending the scions to Circe in order to directly enlist the aid of the Three Fates of the Dodekatheon.
  • Assisted with the rescue - or confinement - of EVE to the island and thesubsequent investigation into the aliens who had lost control of her and their involvement with Ixion.
  • Alex sired a daughter with Aphrodite who is due (ostensibly) in September of 2016 - though with gods you can't be certain that magic or ichor will not make that child appear sooner.


  • In January of 2016 Alex was given the invitation to join the Atlantean Pantheon along with Kamala Halloran and he chose to do so after some deliberation and approval from his father. He was bound with a dragon, as well as Kam, and the duo entered into the pantheon as scions of Skaft and Heshon.
  • Alex attempted to aid in the efforts to counter and finally destroy Fong and Fodla's plot to spread a world-ending plague, however, he was utterly unable to do fuck-all in that capacity.


Words of Wisdom

I've had what, two women make passes at my ugly ass in the past week? That's messed up, growing up I couldn't get laid if I crawled up a chicken's ass and waited, and it's wierding me the hell out.

-To several scions at the Archives one night

You're the son of Thor. Me trying to move you would be like an ant running up an elephants leg with rape on it's mind.

-To Dustin Vang

Why, Amara, you're looking rather less crispy tonight...

-To Amara Vang, the night after her ascension to demi-goddess

I'm not going to bother trying to cremate a fucking brontosaurus in a matter of minutes.

-To several other scions after the defeat of the Lindwurm in the wreckage of Las Vegas.

Calcium? I studied a little physics, not chemistry. But I bet some of these egg head looking mother fuckers loitering around here like over-grown oompa loompas will have a clue.

- To Emma Hoffman and Lilly Rommel while inside a lab retrieving Eve.

Not to be rude... but the people who were ultimately behind the end game during Ragnarok are still out there - now some of you may not realize that, but it means - to me - that the fuckers who are ultimately responsible for Peach Blossom's death? Are still out there living large, swilling wine, watching the Kardasians, and voting Republican. I am not okay with that, so yeah, when we start debating irrelevant shit I'm going to get cross. I apologize now... but that shit ain't going to change until I am drinking beer from Fodla's empty fucking skull. Okay?

-To several scions while making plans one night.

I'm always in trouble for something but THIS TIME I know it's not my penis.

-To Lilly Rommel in front of several scions one night on the Hotel patio.

Quotes From Others

(Positive or negative, I will not remove whatever is put here - but I won't hesitate to roll back anything removed or any edits to my quote section - you said, you own it, I reserve the right to hold ya to it!)

  • "So you put some funny quote here." - PC Name Here
  • "When he figures out what his path is he will be unstoppable." - Amara Vang
  • "Alex, is a stalwart cousin, even if he focuses a bit too much on the past for me. We all have our tendencies. Maybe if I took to showing him the future, he'd live more in the present. Good to have in a battle though. Follows direction well when necessary." - Donnie
  • "Mr. MacRae, I haven't seen him much in action just as of yet, he seems to be on a second team when I work with others. I have heard he has compassion, but his compassion is often time placed oddly in my opinion. I will watch him and save further thoughts till he proves himself more." - Vangar
  • A bit pessimistic at time, but I like Alex. If he needs help, I've got his back. - Emi Jojima
  • "He keeps saving me...and I have to say I sort of like that. He doesn't think much of himself, but that's okay for now. I'll think too much of himself for him, and someday we'll find a balance." - Peach Blossom
  • "I hope the fixing of his face will fix his self-confidence. Alex is a good man, and he has a lot of potential. He just needs to believe in himself." - Miki Ishinaka
  • "Dude cracks me up. His self-deprecating jokes would be funnier if he didn't mean them so much, but hey, Peach is helping fix that self-esteem of his. He's a cool dude, he's just gotta see it." - Claire de Dion
  • "My brother, my friend, and the guy I'd rather have beside me in a fight than just about anyone. Now if only he'd stop being quite so down on himself. Jokes are all well and good, my friend, but there comes a time for the jokes to stop and for you to realize how much of an ass-kicking badass you can be! And seriously, dude. Material! Some of those jokes are so bad I wanted to hit myself with a hammer!" -Said with a laugh by Julian Drake
  • "When I first met Alex he was a man without discipline and little focus on the grander scheme of things. No idea where his lot in life would take him and enough self doubt to fill an ocean. I have had the benefit of seeing my opinions of him changed through hard work and dedication by him. A stalwart member of a Band of Demigods, there for his friends and still quick with what he considers humor. The World can always use more men like that." - Dustin
  • "Alex always called me wise, and now he is wise. He called me strong, and now he is strong. Alex doesn't seek praise, but has earned it. My friend, my confidante, my bandmate. Outside of my family, there is none more trusted than you." - Amara Vang
  • "Alex was one o'th'first of us I met here, sort o'mistook him for King Arthur - which I guess is nae tha' bad given who their da' is, but still...he's a good lad. Big heart. He deserves the best and I hope he gets it." - Caitlin Gallagher
  • "Oh MacRae... Your jokes are tasteless, and some of your actions are insane. But you are a good lad, and I would have you at my side for a pint, or for battle." - Nolan Connoly
  • "He's a pain in the arse, dragging me into conversations. Never leaving me alone to think or grouch. But he's my pain in the arse and if someone hurts him you will not believe what I will do to them in response." - Kamala Halloran
  • "Alex seems like a good guy, all around, and decent in a fight. If he's the demigod of craftsmanship, he'll probably give whoever the Tuatha forge-god is a run for their money soon enough." - Xi-Wang Gang
  • "He thinks his jokes are terrible but then every time I actually get one of them I cannot help but laugh. He is a good person and I think we need people like him around right now." Amala Marri
  • "I didn't realize someone else was also inflicted with diarrhea mouth, but hey peas in a pod I adore this guy. Also he made me and Allie cat chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, he can push a child into traffic...and i'd still think hes a good guy." Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • Al's constantly getting shat on by life. First...well life happens to him, then he gets visited, meets peach, only to lose her, but their son was saved, and then finds Peach was Erased when we returned. The fact he still gets up in the morning is astounding. I've got his back no matter what. Emi Jojima
  • I only wish there was a way I can help him after all that's happened. Allison Desmond
  • "Alex needs to learn to accept himself. He is a wonderful demigod but his pain blinds him to his true self-worth. There are women who would pay to be on his arm for hour, imagine what they would pay to be there for eternity? He is a good person and I hope his future brings him peace and joy." Amala Marri
  • I know we aren't even the same pantheon, or from the same place, but he's like the big brother I never really had. Sometimes we're just broken in the right way to help each other. Liliane Rommel
  • "Alex you are working your way towards being God of Making Pregnant Women Happy." ~ Amala Marri
  • "I know things have been wearing on you, my friend. I hear your words and the impact things are having on you even if others can't see the full scope of it. We will stop this, we will keep the world from being ended. It will not be for nothing, her loss will have meaning, I give you my word on that. And for all that you have been there to listen to me when I most needed someone to truly hear me, know that I am there for you in the same way if you ever have need. You are a true and dear friend, Alex, we are all lucky to have you here." Miu Peterson

Alex's Craftsmanship