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The world has changed hugely in the last 30 years, perhaps more so now than anytime in history. The Rise of the Nova’s in 1998 and the subsequent years have changed the world on some of the most substantial levels. With the terraforming of the Sahara desert into farmland to the curing of some of the deadliest disease in existence. No one's life has not been touched by the power and skills that novas have brought to the world, and at its core the Utopia group. Once considered the pinnacle of nova support, that has all eroded after a huge scandal broke with the help for many hacktivists as well as whistleblowers on the insiders. At the same time, the nova advancement group called the Teragen would have glorified the fall of their opposition but they had a threat of there own who soon would threaten all.

In the Summer of 2019, Teragen leader Divis Mal encountered a new nova or so he thought. Vastly powerful and knowledgeable Mal believed he was the mightiest nova in existence. The new comer told him how he had watched him for years and now he was ready to leave the shadows. A battle broke out suddenly as the previously unknown nova, now named Nemesis nearly killed him in a one on one fight, something that should have been impossible. Mal flead and barely got away. He would battle his new foe several times and always walk away the worse for it. His followers were shocked and aided him though several paid with their lives. Realizing he could not win alone for the first time he approached Utopia who was itself reeling from the reveal of its past double dealings and dark actions.

The threat of Nemesis grew over the next year all of it culminating in a forced strike battle against Nemesis mobile sea base after they learned of his ultimate plan. His goal of a world ruled only by the strong was to be carried out by a advanced nanowarhead. Attacking the sea base and overwhelming his defenses, Mal and his followers as well as many Team for Tomorrow fought hard. Mal and Cestus Pax attacked Nemesis himself. The battle raged and the warhead was armed during the fight. In a last act to stop the devastation that would come, Mal tackled Nemesis and drove him into the warhead and ignited a plasma fire the destroyed the weapon and both nova’s and half the warship.

A badly injured Pax managed to return home with the other survivors. The world was stunned at what had happened but now had to rebuild, many team for tomorrow members were badly injured or lost there lives, Pax retired to help train the next generation. The Teragen suffered badly in the loss of their prophet and leader but his last gift was given at his request. An island nation all there own off the coast of Spain that was artificially built for them. The new nation named New Paradise was a home for novas that wished it to be so. Now nearly 8 years later the Utopia organization is under UN oversight and is training the next generation of heroes as the world has slowly recovered ready for a future.

You and yours are New Novas who have joined Utopia’s effort to rebuild the world and its reputation. The future is in your hands, what kind of Hero will you be?